CSR policy statement

The status of our world demands a more responsible way of producing and consuming so it can also serve future generations. Lagosse Chocolade B.V. is aware of this and wants to take part and contribute to a more sustainable environment. We don’t only want this for our future generations, but also because we realize that sustainability is a condition to survive as a company. To receive legitimacy of our environment to keep using natural sources and inspire and motivate others.

In our CSR policy statement people, planet and profit are centralized. We take all these three aspects into consideration during decision making and activities. CSR surpasses solely comply to the laws and rules. With our CSR policy statement we show what we stand for, how we want to book progress and how we integrate CSR into our services and processes.
This demands involvement, effort and co-operation of management and employees. We challenge all our stakeholders, internally and externally, to be judicial where it’s needed and supply ideas with what we can develop ourselves as a sustainable company.

Our people form the capital of our company. Lagosse Chocolade B.V. values good working circumstances and safe environment. This policy helps to create a safe and healthy working space for employees, customers, suppliers and residents. We strive for continuously improving.

Lagosse Chocolade B.V. is a company in motion. This demands a lot of our employees, so therefor we have a lot of attention for creating a good working atmosphere. We want to fascinate people and bind them by offering training and education and by being an attractive employer, so we can bind talent in the future as well. Also for our customers we want to be an attractive partner, we work constantly to improve our complaints registration and handling.

At Lagosse Chocolade B.V. every employee gets equal chances and nobody will be disadvantaged on grounds of sex, religion, ethnic coming, age or sexual preference. We do business on a fair way and execute our work conform ethic and juridic norms. We expect this as well from all parties we do business with. Next to this we take into consideration possible nuisance for the community, while we are executing our work.

Lagosse Chocolade B.V. strives towards an environment neutral business. For example: we process exclusively sustainable grown raw materials, which are certificated in different ways (UTZ, RSPO, Fairtrade, EKO, etc). Moreover, we limit the exhaust of harmful substances and the amount of waste in general. For that reason, we want to have insights in our exhaust and waste processes. In our daily routine we pay a lot of attention to this. On top of it we want to minimize the negative consequences on the environment of transport. Both home-work related transport and business travels. While buying new transport Lagosse Chocolade B.V. takes next to functional and financial aspects also the environmental aspects into consideration.

Our policy helps us to live up to demands from the law and contain the environmental aspects of our daily routines.

Lagosse Chocolade B.V. regularly cooperates with local companies. Not just because they know well what’s going on in their area, but also because it reduces the amount of kilometres involved. This way we contribute to the local economy. Next to that we strive to a sustainable relation with our customers. That we do by exceed their expectations. Besides we innovate constantly. That enables us together with our customers and stakeholders to work on a more sustainable environment. For this we look constantly for solutions where economical, environmental and socially interests are in balance.

Our process of guarding the quality is insightful for our customers and relations by our BRC certificate.

Management systems
The management systems of Lagosse Chocolade B.V. helps us to maintain a high quality, contain the pressure on the environment and improve our CSR achievements. This is done by forming yearly goals and judge our systems on different aspects.