CSR Policy Statement

The status of our world demands a more responsible way of producing and consuming to serve future generations. Lagosse Chocolade B.V. is aware of this and is keen to be part of and contribute to a more sustainable society. We want this not only for our future generations but also because we realise that sustainability is a prerequisite for our continued existence as a company. This is in order to receive legitimacy from our environment, to continue using natural resources and to inspire and motivate our people.

Our CSR policy focuses on people, planet and profit. We consider all three in our important decisions and activities. CSR goes beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations. With our CSR policy, we show what we stand for, how we want to make progress and how we integrate corporate social responsibility into our services and processes. This requires involvement, commitment and cooperation from both our management and employees. We challenge all our stakeholders, internal and external, to be critical where necessary and to contribute ideas that will help us further improve ourselves as a sustainable company.


Our people are the capital of our company. Lagosse Chocolade B.V. therefore attaches great importance to good working conditions and a safe working environment. This policy helps achieve a safe and healthy workplace for employees, customers, suppliers and local residents. We strive for continuous improvement.

Lagosse Chocolade B.V. is a company on the move. This demands a lot from our employees, so we pay a lot of attention to creating a good working atmosphere. We want to attract and retain our people by offering education and training and to be an attractive employer in order to retain talent in the future. We also want to be an attractive cooperation partner for our customers. We work continuously on optimising our complaint registration and handling.

At Lagosse Chocolade B.V., every employee is given equal opportunities and no one is disadvantaged because of gender, religion, ethical origin, age or sexual orientation. We do business fairly and conduct our operations in accordance with ethical and legal standards. We also expect this from all parties we do business with. In addition we take into account the prevention of inconvenience to the community when carrying out our work.


Lagosse Chocolade B.V. strives to conduct its business in an environmentally neutral manner. Thus we only process sustainably grown raw materials that are certified in various ways (UTZ, RSPO, Fairtrade and Eko, etc.). Furthermore, we limit harmful emissions and waste as much as possible. For this reason, we want to have insight into, control and reduce our emissions and waste streams. In our daily operations, we consciously pay attention to this. We also want to minimise the negative impact of transport on the environment. Both for commuting and business travel. When purchasing new means of transport, Lagosse Chocolade B.V. considers not only the functional and financial aspects but also the environmental aspects.

Our policy helps us comply with laws and regulations and manage and improve the environmental aspects of our operations.


Lagosse Chocolade B.V. regularly works together with local companies. Not only because they know what is going on in the area well, but also because that way fewer kilometres are driven. In this way, we contribute to the development of the local economy. In addition, we strive for a long-term relationship with our customers. We do this by exceeding their expectations. Moreover, we innovate continuously. This enables us to work together with our customers and stakeholders on a sustainable public space. Thus, we constantly look for solutions that balance economic, environmental and social interests.

We demonstrate our quality assurance process to our customers and relations through our BRC certificate.

Management systems

Lagosse Chocolade B.V.’s management systems help to keep our quality high, control our environmental impact and improve our CSR performance. One way we do this is by setting annual targets and assessing our system in various ways.