About Lagosse

Since 1991, our company has been characterised by personal character, flexibility, craftsmanship and love for our products. In addition, we are on the alert when new opportunities arise on the market. As a customer, you can therefore count on the latest products and techniques, made with passion by our 20-plus-headed team. Your product is made entirely within the four walls of our premises in Heerhugowaard. For instance, we have our own screen printing works at Lagosse and our own deep drawing department. This guarantees not only flexibility, but also an accurate production process, independence and fast delivery.
“For more than 25 years, the team at Lagosse has been known as reliable, skilled, innovative and service-oriented.”
Our speciality Meanwhile, we have long been a leader in the field of printed chocolate. You can have your company logo or a wish message of your choice printed on numerous products: greeting cards, bars, pralines and recently you can also have your own chocolate game printed. This is of course just a small sample of our range. 100% (H)honest chocolate Lagosse cares about people and the environment. That is why we work hard every year to obtain or keep the right certificates and quality marks. That way, not only do you and we benefit from Lagosse’s delicious chocolate, but those who grow it for us around the equator do too.